"The training was very relevant to my work. I will be implementing the selected best practices learned, in 2 weeks"

"The Interaction and sharing of case studies was good. I will present my findings of this training to my executives"
- Exarro

"The training on the topics RCM and Maintenance Planning & Scheduling was good. I hope I will improve my work because now I have some guidelines"
Jindal, Mozambique

"The training was interactive and the trainer was very knowledgeable. I plan to practice and implement what I've learned to improve the human aspects of reliability"
- Tronox

"I liked the facilitator's presentation on real case scenarios which was based on his experience"
- Nampak

"Learnt how to implement and what will work and what will not. I will implement more effective reporting"
- Exarro

"The training was very relevant to my day to day reliability work. The topics I liked the most was Identifying gaps, KPI's, Inventory, Maintenance Practices and which I will be implementing in my work"
Dew Crisp